Respect for the crazy

If you don’t show respect (i.e. concrete support and help) for a madman, you are Hitler: You can destroy the whole world like this: Crazy people are so disrespected that your “little” disrespect may be enough for a chain reaction of disrespect for this person through all the world. If the disrespected by coincidence turned…… Continue reading Respect for the crazy

About staying on one knee before biggots

Did ever discrimination of blacks, latinos, Jews, produced a super-stupid (genius that lost contact with social knowledge)? Spartak? He isn’t really to be called a super But discrimination of biggots has a different effect, it produced: Osam bin LadenTrumpMe So, staying on one knee before biggots is much more appropriate than staying on one knee…… Continue reading About staying on one knee before biggots

How $50 Trillion Were Stolen

There were stolen about $50 trillion of value. First consider a hypothetical situation: What if we somehow lose group theory? Group theory is kinda half of mathematics. More precisely, it is kinda a foundation of kinda like half of modern mathematics. If you get any modern math research (or a serious textbook), the I estimated…… Continue reading How $50 Trillion Were Stolen

War of Idiots for Science

Evangelicals behaving in such a way that others discriminate themAtheistic liberals, etc. killing millions of Evangelicals by hunger in process of their fight for non-discriminationby silencing our voices as the reaction of us wanting to speakespecially Victor Porton, the best mathematician ever, by his attempt to disinform the society that he is dishonest :-)while the…… Continue reading War of Idiots for Science