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Scientificism, a silly dislogic

Scientificism, also sometimes called scientism, is the ideology that all knowledge should be scientific and hold by academia. Scientificist: All data should be got from technological measurement devices. Me: To measure a thing we need a device with a measurement arrow, to measure the position of the measurement arrow we need another device of the […]

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If the development of science happens to be blocked, what a politician should vote for?

This is a copy of this page, for the case if bad people will delete it. By porton,June 1 in Other Sciences porton Quark Members 0 26 Posted June 1 An amateur discovered a theory that in a significant relevant sense is more general than group theory. The amateur wrote a very long scientific article […]

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Deleted Quora Answer: Who was the smartest person of all time?

The following answer was deleted by Quora moderators for having no refutations after having 87 views by expert community. (Yes, I mean this: it was deleted for having no refutations, actually nobody was able to write any response.) As far as I know (Correct me if I’m wrong.), nobody else discovered more than one fundamental […]