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War of Idiots for Science

Evangelicals behaving in such a way that others discriminate them Atheistic liberals, etc. killing millions of Evangelicals by hunger in process of their fight for non-discrimination by silencing our voices as the reaction of us wanting to speak especially Victor Porton, the best mathematician ever, by his attempt to disinform the society that he is […]

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Gever Elf (Gabriel)

Elf Founder, 41 years old free infusoria… gever elf – Ashkelon, Israel

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Sectarian mathematician as an existential threat to Russia

[This scholarly article was rejected by one and simply unanswered by two Russian fascist journals. I publish here.] Victor L. Porton, Ashkelon, Israel, a freelancer without a degree, porton@narod.ruAnnotation. The author examines the situation of a fundamental scientific discovery made by an “unrecognized sectarian [in Russia this word is used to denote a religious cult]” and the possibility of rejection of his formulas […]

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I am Boasting

The spiritual teacher boasts.

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All Church are Heretics: both Baptists and Pentecostals

The second great apostasy is originating from Azusa Street Revival At 214 Bonnie Brae Street when people again started to be baptized by fire like as apostles of the early church. That was a real fire spirit (or spirit of fire) and it is good to be baptized into it. But during time people produced […]

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Tinder is a fascist site designed to make people monkeys

Tinder is a site to make sexual partners meet. It shows you a list of potential partners and helps you to choose. 6.6 million (November 2020) subscribers of this site. The intention of the owners of the site is very clear: It is impossible to make this choice incidentally: They chose to match partners only […]

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The story of a man from Revelation 11 in context of technologies

A man had hard childhood and weird silly evil stupid surroundings. He suffered extreme hunger and extreme beatings as well as many other big and small troubles. He did a big discovery in the first year of a math faculty of a university. But hunger forced him to leave near the end and silly Russian […]

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On Search Engines

God jokes: Of all pages of my site Google choose name this as the first of Google’s Search-Ranking Manipulation Is Affecting Elections … 4 Jun 2018 — Search engines do have the capacity to shift people’s opinions, including who to vote for in elections. How do you think: will God win? TBD Related Materials […]

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I need a wife

Now I have a girlfrind! She is my old online girlfriend, but we conflicted with much nerves due to a silly misunderstanding. She is from a poor country, yesterday she was on the streets and notified me. We undertstood the cause of the conflict and I sent her money for food and apartment. I like […]

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You to get disability in despising

My mother despises me very much, effectively she despises me 100%. For example, in childhood she called me gadenysh, this Russian word denotes something like sick reptilian (but more exactly translates son of a reptilian). 🙂 My mentally impaired mother infected all her acquintances. In the meantime, I made several big scientific discoveries (you can […]