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An attempt to develop future non-science

Call for discussion: Not-science – the economical model of future scientific publishing. Not science is not science.

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I was frauded

From: Victor Porton To: Date: Oct 6, 2021, 17:26 Hi ombudsman,I was frauded by mydates.comPlease return all the money.The detailed information about the fraud is at

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About staying on one knee before biggots

Did ever discrimination of blacks, latinos, Jews, produced a super-stupid (genius that lost contact with social knowledge)? Spartak? He isn’t really to be called a super But discrimination of biggots has a different effect, it produced: Osam bin Laden Trump Me So, staying on one knee before biggots is much more appropriate than staying on […]

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Rabis, please discuss: Is pig kosher now?

In Israel there were stolen $50 trillion. In your opinion, is after this pig kosher, because compared to stealing $50T eating pig is so much insignificant that it is well insignificant?

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A typical legal dialogue

Lawyer: We help everybody. Victim: I had $300 and $200 were stolen. Lawyer the service price is $2000.

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Religious registration

The same people refuse to register their religious organizations in state registries “because it’s devil” and force their children to register sexual relations, because…?

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An ancient Russian Orthodox prophecy accomplished

An ancient Russian Orthodox prophecy (I remember for sure that such a prophecy exists, but I can’t find it in Internet, please comment with a reference.) says that the world will die as a result of forcibly parting ways of a loving couple of a man and a woman. It accomplished this way: I was […]

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If the development of science happens to be blocked, what a politician should vote for?

This is a copy of this page, for the case if bad people will delete it. By porton,June 1 in Other Sciences porton Quark Members 0 26 Posted June 1 An amateur discovered a theory that in a significant relevant sense is more general than group theory. The amateur wrote a very long scientific article […]

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Letter to Victoria Amunga

I have reconciled with Mercy Nekesa. Fake Wife The marriage certificate with Victoria Amunga [This is my letter to Victoria Amunga, who became a Voice of America journalist in order to speak so loudly that she would not hear my voice. Mad woman Victoria Amunga didn’t believe in the obvious truth that God will revenge […]

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Why being a member of Israel government is a crime worth executing

Certainly I do not enumerate all crimes of Israelis, but every of these is surely morally worth death penalty. (I do not claim that this punishment should be applied. Instead, I think it should be declared death penalty and amnested, because justice would require to execute every body who voted for these bastards.) So the […]