Is my mother the Hitler?

I noticed long time ago that the psychiatric state of my mother seems to be similar to the state of Hitler. Sadly, my mother wasn’t hospitalized. Her political views expressed by words like “Execute everybody!” and similar are also very much similar to ones of Hitler. Instead of being hospitalized she, being rather a good…… Continue reading Is my mother the Hitler?

A laughable mistake of all psychologists

Psychologists define the weird silly English phrase “down to the Earth” (what the Hell? how is it related to Earth?) as “honest and open human”. And their pseudoscience assigns to this psychotype such traits as humility and modesty. The facts are: Rev. 11:10 “The living down to the earth will gloat over them and will…… Continue reading A laughable mistake of all psychologists

I am a failed Messiah

In 1997, then I was 17 years old, I go superpowers (like superman or spiderman but real): When I squeezed steel in my hands, it melted.I broke concrete walls and beat flame from air by a flap of my hand.I often kept things in air near my hand instead of holding in my hand.I was…… Continue reading I am a failed Messiah

What is my sexual orientation?

What is my sexual orientation? Disgusting bastard, my orientation is not sexual! I am oriented to mathematics. It seems I am the only man on the Earth that has non-sexual orientation, rewrite disgusting bastard orientation science textbooks. Well, I am in a man’s body and my hardware does want a woman. Is there any woman…… Continue reading What is my sexual orientation?

What is ambivalent?

“Ambivalent” is a word invented to hospitalize to a psychiatric hospital a human if he/she knows a scientific paradox. If I like appearance of a prostitute but dislike her STI, should I be hospitalized for being ambivalent (that’s a symptom of schizophrenia).

“Believe in yourself.”

You often hear “Believe in yourself.” But can you prove that you are right? Let model your brain a formal system (something that proves theorems, see a math studybook for details). There is a theorem: If a formal system contains arithmetic, then it cannot prove its own non-contradictness. Conslusion: If you believe in yourself, you…… Continue reading “Believe in yourself.”

Why Homosexuality?

In my opinion all widespread theories of homosexuality are false. The likely true theory of it is that homosexuality was developed by nature for maximally effective infecting the adversary.

Question: What Would You Do If God Told You “Do what you want”?

God told me: “Do what you want.” (TBD: Explain how God delivered me this message. It happened after people essentially stole ~$50 trillion from me – my formulas – well, for me they cost exceedingly more than $50 trillion – and God started to speak with me about the revenge.) After this I did such…… Continue reading Question: What Would You Do If God Told You “Do what you want”?

War of Idiots for Science

Evangelicals behaving in such a way that others discriminate themAtheistic liberals, etc. killing millions of Evangelicals by hunger in process of their fight for non-discriminationby silencing our voices as the reaction of us wanting to speakespecially Victor Porton, the best mathematician ever, by his attempt to disinform the society that he is dishonest :-)while the…… Continue reading War of Idiots for Science