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The purpose of Israel is a technological project that is above Torah

A pig eats and doesn’t work, the mathematician works too much to eat. Israel’s mission for the Elohim: we must become the developers of non-science for the further conquest of the Galaxy. Those who are not involved in the development of non-science with advice or money are herem. This project is greater than Torah, because […]

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Magic of the Jewish pig Beni and koen

I now live in baal Beni’s apartment. Because of troubles with the computer, I could not withdraw money on-time to pay for housing, it seems that the payment is delayed for one day and this non-human decided to evict me (my broker however stood up for me, so today I have not yet been evicted […]

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An attempt to develop future non-science

Call for discussion: Not-science – the economical model of future scientific publishing. Not science is not science.

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The story of Adam can be told in a different way

I'm not saying Adam was right, but: Elohim needs repentance too.

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Continuing my musings on the meaning of Torah

A proof sketch of trueness of Torah, using an alleged new axiom: God should not prove Torah: it’s unethical because people were tortured.

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In Torah something is missing

I claim in my previous publication that Torah is a theorem and Elochim proves Torah. Then I noticed that I also claimed that Elochim is all consequences from Torah. Then using the well-known mathematics (Godel’s theorems) either (or both): Elochim uses an additional axiom that is not in Torah and cannot be concluded from Torah. […]

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The conflict between people and Elochim – repentance of Elochim!

Unbelievable: Elochim repented from torturing people. God repented that He tortured people created by Him and allowed by Him to become sinners.

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Rabis, please discuss: Is pig kosher now?

In Israel there were stolen $50 trillion. In your opinion, is after this pig kosher, because compared to stealing $50T eating pig is so much insignificant that it is well insignificant?

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I am a failed Messiah

In 1997, then I was 17 years old, I go superpowers (like superman or spiderman but real): When I squeezed steel in my hands, it melted. I broke concrete walls and beat flame from air by a flap of my hand. I often kept things in air near my hand instead of holding in my […]

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חטימה לֹא טובה בישראל ביום כיפור

חטימה לֹא טובה בישראל: 50 טריליון דולר נגנבים.