If Russian mafia attack an IT-expert sent by God, a possible scenario

A comical scenario that I consider among possible variants: the Fiverr seller contacted Russian mafia to outsource his work further. Mafia turned it on and their overloaded servers made a powerplant here in Ashkelon to make noise (isn’t it the noise I heard that day?) The seller asked the mafia to turn it off after…… Continue reading If Russian mafia attack an IT-expert sent by God, a possible scenario

I was frauded

From: Victor Porton To: pniot@isracard.co.il Date: Oct 6, 2021, 17:26 Hi ombudsman,I was frauded by mydates.comPlease return all the money.The detailed information about the fraud is at https://witness-without-court.vporton.name/2021/10/06/mydates-com-are-money-fraudsters-not-a-dating-site/

Netta and SEO

Hi Netta. As far as I understand from telepathy, I don’t much deviate you from the work. So, yet a letter: This is my favorite song. I am almost sure you know Russian (or is it a spiritual translator?), the song is in Russian. Comically this great song is song by a group that is…… Continue reading Netta and SEO

On Search Engines

God jokes: Of all pages of my site Google choose name this as the first of site:allworldfiles.net. Google’s Search-Ranking Manipulation Is Affecting Elections … 4 Jun 2018 — Search engines do have the capacity to shift people’s opinions, including who to vote for in elections. How do you think: will God win? TBD Related Materials…… Continue reading On Search Engines