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What is real liberal?

Real liberal is one who has applying violence on the millionth place in his ToDo list.

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An interesting theological result from Torah

What Torah says about the belief in Capitalism?

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What is my sexual orientation?

What is my sexual orientation? Disgusting bastard, my orientation is not sexual! I am oriented to mathematics. It seems I am the only man on the Earth that has non-sexual orientation, rewrite disgusting bastard orientation science textbooks. Well, I am in a man’s body and my hardware does want a woman. Is there any woman […]

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God does not respect sex

In my opinion, God does not respect sex at all. Contrary to what you think, God does not respect marriage, women, homosexuals, and transsexuals. (Have you noticed that I enumerated the things that are most respected by people? People respect good, honesty, generosity, active position etc. much less than marriage and other forms of sex.) […]

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You have a bug in your operating system

You have a bug in your operating system: You have no API operation to send money to a given address without input.

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A typical legal dialogue

Lawyer: We help everybody. Victim: I had $300 and $200 were stolen. Lawyer the service price is $2000.

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Либертарианцы и минога

В либертарианстве и либерализме есть много хороших идей (см. любой либертарианский сайт). Но к “рыбе” прилипла паразитическая “минога” – посторонний объект: мнение что каждый должен жить только для себя (не помогать другим). Несмотря на то, что в научном определении либертарианства идеи “не помогать другим” нет, обычно, когда говорят “либертарианство”, имеют в виду именно это. Вместе […]

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A Spy Against Black Homosexuals :-)

I am a spy from God accordingly the Revelation. Actually, I am a so good spy that I don’t need to hide myself. Yesterday I was secretly threaten by two homosexuals, one of them big. As a response, I did a counter-attack. That my attack revealed a network a spies here in Shapira, Ashkelon, Israel […]

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Why Homosexuality?

In my opinion all widespread theories of homosexuality are false. The likely true theory of it is that homosexuality was developed by nature for maximally effective infecting the adversary.

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How $50 Trillion Were Stolen

There were stolen about $50 trillion of value. First consider a hypothetical situation: What if we somehow lose group theory? Group theory is kinda half of mathematics. More precisely, it is kinda a foundation of kinda like half of modern mathematics. If you get any modern math research (or a serious textbook), the I estimated […]