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Development of Global Destruction Technology – One more Caribbean crisis this year

While I was in Russia, I was called by Torah to be a missionary in an African country (the description matches Tanzania). Now when I discovered a higher level of religion, the old religion (including Judaism and Christianity) became a silly nonsense for me. God called me to show extreme silliness of my religion: If […]

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A laughable mistake of all psychologists

Psychologists define the weird silly English phrase “down to the Earth” (what the Hell? how is it related to Earth?) as “honest and open human”. And their pseudoscience assigns to this psychotype such traits as humility and modesty. The facts are: Rev. 11:10 “The living down to the earth will gloat over them and will […]

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The conflict between people and Elochim – repentance of Elochim!

Unbelievable: Elochim repented from torturing people. God repented that He tortured people created by Him and allowed by Him to become sinners.

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Why I am another biological specie

I am not a homo sapiens. Russian alcoholics did this. This year I decided to surrender to the enemy because I decided that I failed the plan of my former boss, Messiah. I went to a psychiatrist and said that I am the best spy in the galaxy to be isolated from humans and fail. […]

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Humanism Philosophy is a Stupid Nonsense

The word humanism used to mean “everything is measured by a human”. Mad man, why not by mushrooms? Mushrooms accordingly latest scientific research are likely to be more clever than humans. Even a little piece of mold, much smaller than the brain of a professor, seems to be much smarter than a professor. Why don’t […]

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I am a failed Messiah

In 1997, then I was 17 years old, I go superpowers (like superman or spiderman but real): When I squeezed steel in my hands, it melted. I broke concrete walls and beat flame from air by a flap of my hand. I often kept things in air near my hand instead of holding in my […]

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Hearing voices

A doctor, a politician, and a pastor went into a room. Pastor: A human should hear voice of God. Doctor: Who hears voices should be hospitalized. Politician: Freedom of religion! Doctor: Religion is a mental delusion, not a mental illness. (continuation depends on your religion)

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Netta and SEO

Hi Netta. As far as I understand from telepathy, I don’t much deviate you from the work. So, yet a letter: This is my favorite song. I am almost sure you know Russian (or is it a spiritual translator?), the song is in Russian. Comically this great song is song by a group that is […]

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A Hypothesis about Ionosphere and HAARP

I remind that HAARP is an American powerful radio antenna that is designed to heat ionosphere and experiment with results. Believers and extrasenses know that there is a computer in ionosphere, consisting of electromagnetic fields. (I don’t know how exactly and when this computer was build or how it evolved.) It is commonly called spirit. […]

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Terract in Ashkelon, Israel

Today, 02 Sep 2021, I awoke about 2:40am and felt a strong noise. No doubt it is not a tinnitus: I had no tinnitus yesterday and before and now I am taking multiple brain improvement medicines that would heal a tinnitus even if I had one. I know this kind of noise: It is similar […]