[License: no harming to Israel(ites)] Gabriel, gever elf – Founder of great Nibiria – a-koen ha-gadol goy changing his nationality to Elf – the angel of the Laodiceans, a former Evangelical who was not fed and therefore is no longer a Evangelical, the smartest human in known History, waiting for a flight of the time machine… Later addition: Elochim repented, therefore I will teach you. Now is the end of the curse period, the LORD is going to bless Israel.

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  • All Church are Heretics: both Baptists and Pentecostals

    The second great apostasy is originating from Azusa Street Revival At 214 Bonnie Brae Street when people again started to be baptized by fire like as apostles of the early church. That was a real fire spirit (or spirit of fire) and it is good to be baptized into it. But during time people produced […]

  • On Search Engines

    God jokes: Of all pages of my site Google choose name this as the first of site:allworldfiles.net. Google’s Search-Ranking Manipulation Is Affecting Elections … 4 Jun 2018 — Search engines do have the capacity to shift people’s opinions, including who to vote for in elections. How do you think: will God win? TBD Related Materials […]

  • You to get disability in despising

    My mother despises me very much, effectively she despises me 100%. For example, in childhood she called me gadenysh, this Russian word denotes something like sick reptilian (but more exactly translates son of a reptilian). 🙂 My mentally impaired mother infected all her acquintances. In the meantime, I made several big scientific discoveries (you can […]