My letter to Israel government

I’ve sent the following letter to several ministries (including Prime Minister Naftali Bennett) of Israel government: (“ternary relations” below is a typo, should be instead “ternary functions”.) Hello Israel, I am the man who works on carbon accounting, science financing, free software financing, journalism financing, and other common goods financing using cryptocurrency software, in other…… Continue reading My letter to Israel government

Terract in Ashkelon, Israel

At Shapira 58, Ashkelon, Israel there is now some weird disgusting smell. It should be counted a terroristic act.

Why I am another biological specie

I am not a homo sapiens. Russian alcoholics did this. This year I decided to surrender to the enemy because I decided that I failed the plan of my former boss, Messiah. I went to a psychiatrist and said that I am the best spy in the galaxy to be isolated from humans and fail.…… Continue reading Why I am another biological specie

Rabis, please discuss: Is pig kosher now?

In Israel there were stolen $50 trillion. In your opinion, is after this pig kosher, because compared to stealing $50T eating pig is so much insignificant that it is well insignificant?

A Spy Against Black Homosexuals :-)

I am a spy from God accordingly the Revelation. Actually, I am a so good spy that I don’t need to hide myself. Yesterday I was secretly threaten by two homosexuals, one of them big. As a response, I did a counter-attack. That my attack revealed a network a spies here in Shapira, Ashkelon, Israel…… Continue reading A Spy Against Black Homosexuals 🙂

Netta and SEO

Hi Netta. As far as I understand from telepathy, I don’t much deviate you from the work. So, yet a letter: This is my favorite song. I am almost sure you know Russian (or is it a spiritual translator?), the song is in Russian. Comically this great song is song by a group that is…… Continue reading Netta and SEO

How $50 Trillion Were Stolen

There were stolen about $50 trillion of value. First consider a hypothetical situation: What if we somehow lose group theory? Group theory is kinda half of mathematics. More precisely, it is kinda a foundation of kinda like half of modern mathematics. If you get any modern math research (or a serious textbook), the I estimated…… Continue reading How $50 Trillion Were Stolen

How modern scientific ethic may block a science

A copy of this Reddit post: In this article I consider a hypothetical situation when a scientist blocks research in a certain area instead of advancing it. Looks like that I found a possible loophole in modern science practices and ethics. Maybe this situation has come real? For the example of the situation I will…… Continue reading How modern scientific ethic may block a science

If the development of science happens to be blocked, what a politician should vote for?

This is a copy of this page, for the case if bad people will delete it. By porton,June 1 in Other Sciences porton Quark Members026 Posted June 1 An amateur discovered a theory that in a significant relevant sense is more general than group theory. The amateur wrote a very long scientific article (~400 pages),…… Continue reading If the development of science happens to be blocked, what a politician should vote for?