[License: no harming to Israel(ites)] Gabriel, gever elf – Founder of great Nibiria – a-koen ha-gadol goy changing his nationality to Elf – the angel of the Laodiceans, a former Evangelical who was not fed and therefore is no longer a Evangelical, the smartest human in known History, waiting for a flight of the time machine… Later addition: Elochim repented, therefore I will teach you. Now is the end of the curse period, the LORD is going to bless Israel.

Another threat to Israel’s security

I am the father of many elves, ab-raam II.

I don’t have a woman because I consider all goim (non-elves), including Jews, to be pigs.

As a child, my mother squeezed my penis for a long time (about five years long) plus I lived in poverty for a long time and it caused such a mental illness: the insides of my sexual sensations are openly telepathically transmitted to other people. Therefore, I am a threat to the security of Israel: whatever I do (whether I abstain or not), sexual magic operates around me: for example, clouds fly in the form of genitals, etc.

Give me Mercy Nekesa if you don’t want to live under a glitch. Security threat.

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