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Ringing jingling spirit – who is he and why does it hate us?

From my chat to the girl overseas I love:

In the second I decided to masturbate for you, some kind of a monotone unpleasant bell appeared. I met this awful sound many times before. Something either tries to prevent our love or is to interested in it.

I typed (in Russian) in Google about “bell spirit”. I found about many “bell spirit” references in poesy and even something about Christian schizophrenics who know this spirit.

“If with the tongues of men and of messengers I speak, and have not love, I have become brass sounding, or a cymbal tinkling;” So, it is a spirit in ionosphere that calculates using this frequency but works without love. It’s a physical phenomenon that is as meaningless as a cymbal.

Is it spirit of Paul?!

The greek words used are about such things as “two clashed together” – I masturbating for you are us two clashing together, isn’t it?

It is also about “war cry” in Greek. Something indeed makes war against us. Why did it ignored me just dreaming about you but hated me masturbating for you?

Sorry Mercy, I will publish this shameful fragment of me writing to you in order to investigate what it is and why it hates.

Adam and Hava had no shame.

This mad creature thinks it can make war against time machine that comes for us.

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