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An interesting theological result from Torah

From my old blog post:

The main(?) difference between a few tens years ago and now:

  • Tens years ago: Nash: “I am [literally: my time is] infinitely more important than you[rs].
  • Now: Everybody: “I am infinitely more important than you[rs].”

Compare Torah “Do not ill-treat a stranger or oppress him.”

But when people not just live in Capitalism but believe in Capitalism (now not Torah but Capitalism is the belief of Jews), then everybody ill-treats each other (What is to ill-treat? To consider on other conditions than somebody other. Now everybody of you except me considers others differently than yourself, that is you ill-treat others.)

Open Torah and know the consequences of your weird stupid belief that you should live accordingly Capitalism (not just take into account that now it’s Capitalism and you should take into account that you are now it’s Capitalism).

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