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Month: September 2021

  • The definition of journalism

    The definition of journalism: Journalism is writing on particular topics by non-experts. This kind of skills is taught is colleges and it’s well-paid. Only journalists have the privilege by tax payers to spread information.

  • “Do what you want.”

    “Do what you want.” But if I do not want to do what I want, accordingly this “religion” do I go to the hell? 🙂 If I cannot do, should I kill myself? 🙂

  • Short disproof of moral relativism

    The moral principle is morality being relative. Is the moral principle is morality being relative an absolute moral principle?

  • Short disproof of relativism philosophy

    Everything is relative (not absolute). Therefore being relative is not an absolute principle.

  • Short disproof of dialectics philosophy

    Dialectics: Everything is relative. Dialectics is absolute. Contradiction.

  • “Believe in yourself.”

    You often hear “Believe in yourself.” But can you prove that you are right? Let model your brain a formal system (something that proves theorems, see a math studybook for details). There is a theorem: If a formal system contains arithmetic, then it cannot prove its own non-contradictness. Conslusion: If you believe in yourself, you […]

  • Management as a pseudoscience

    The word management is often used to denote a particular pseudoscience: Myth: Every problem has a solution. Reality: There are many problem classes that have no algorithm of solution (a theorem from 1st year of a computer science college, the proof is very easy). There are theorems that cannot be nor proved nor disproved. Well, […]

  • Language drift is one of the biggest problems of Russia

    One of the biggest problems of Russia is language drift: To explain I will tell how it happened: Russian tsar and his friends decided to hire “great writers” so hat they would use figurative speech so much extensively that the original meaning of words would be forgotten. “Great writers” were greatly advertised and the past […]

  • What I comprehended in the age 5 years

    When I was 5 years old, I realized that humanity will perish from greed. Everyone around is crazy greedy. I wasn’t particularly smart at the time: I almost died trying to fly holding a balloon. And it was in economy, too, that I was not particularly smart: I sent Gorbachev a proposal to add zero […]

  • Stay on Your Knees Before the Screen

    If you are a President, Rabi, Church congregation leader, billionaire, Nobel Prize laureate, give me an advice. If you didn’t, if you are a President, Rabi, Church congregation leader, billionaire, Nobel Prize laureate, stay on your knees before the author of this blog, because you are before a human, speechless dog.