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Scientificism, a silly dislogic

Scientificism, also sometimes called scientism, is the ideology that all knowledge should be scientific and hold by academia.

  • Scientificist: All data should be got from technological measurement devices.
  • Me: To measure a thing we need a device with a measurement arrow, to measure the position of the measurement arrow we need another device of the measurement arrow, to measure it, we need another device with arrow, … The cost of science is infinite.
  • Scientificist: Scientific knowledge belongs to academia.
  • Me: Wait, I hold a half of your shares!
  • Scientificist: Knowledge is published in scientific databases.
  • Me: Half of shares of scientific databases is held by a sexual maniac that reject science.
  • Scientificist: We base our objective knowledge on measurements.
  • Me: To define electron, we measure it with a brain, a brain has electrons inside, to define electron, we need to define electron first.
  • Scientificist: We work for the greatest, USA science!
  • Me: I got half of your economy.

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