A Spy Against Black Homosexuals :-)

I am a spy from God accordingly the Revelation. Actually, I am a so good spy that I don’t need to hide myself.

Yesterday I was secretly threaten by two homosexuals, one of them big.

As a response, I did a counter-attack.

That my attack revealed a network a spies here in Shapira, Ashkelon, Israel (I live in a black neighborhood, BTW there are many beautiful girls here.):

When I exited from the house, I found almost no people on the streets. Their spirits were threatened by my attack on homosexuals, only me is not afraid. Only me is against hate of homosexuals in advance.

I started to ask people why there are so little people on the streets and after this many people instantly appeared, sent by the Ashkelon network of earthling’s spies.

Victor Porton

By Victor Porton

I am the chief editor of this journal and creator of this site.

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