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I was blamed when I said I am a genius. I was in fear that somebody will ask me if I think about myself as a genius that I will die from hunger because people refuse to speak with me when I boast. I was frightened and afraid to think: If I make a scientific discovery, I will know for sure that I am a genius and then I will die because when being asked whether I think to be a genius I will answer “yes”.

When the mother sent me for being a Baptist out of house after not feeding me for a few weeks (I was dying of hunger many times also after this) in the first year of my university study, I finished my first discovery, and thought: I have a trillion dollars formula and will now die. I was wrong: I survived. I also was wrong that it’s trillion dollars: Later I realized that my discovery is about as general theory as group theory and is therefore about half of mathematics (~$50 trillions). But it is yet an underestimation: Because as a result of hunger I lost the ability to get a scientific degree, I mis-published (self-published a too long scientific article, 400 pages, that does not conform to length standards of scientific journals) it thus “effectively” blocking further development of science even if somebody rediscovered it.

I did more discoveries and now I am the record winner: I discovered about 3-4 (dependently on how to count) fundamental branches of mathematics, while AFAIK nobody other did more than one such a discovery. And I apparently discovered the several latest such things, that is by definition these ones that were the most difficult to discover. I did it with no financing, hunger, broken head, hate and fear of being considered a genius and die, and with difficult philosophical and theological problems such as whether I to go to hell after misbehaving because of damaged head. Thus, I am the best mathematician in the known History with a very big handicap.

My app for advanced study of Tanakh (ancient Hebrew Bible) hasn’t become popular enough. Because I was also beaten and hungry for making this app, I was despaired and in a nervous breakdown prayed for coronavirus (as a punishment for not using my app). That was a nervous breakdown but now nevertheless I think it was a right decision.

I was mis-diagnosed with schizophrenia instead of post-trauma syndrome and essentially lost all citizen rights.

I meditated on the Bible and once understood: The purpose of the experiment was for the lab mouse to break out of the cell. I did broke my religion (the Gospel) and now am no more a Christian, Christianity as well as Judaism are true but they are now silly funny jokes. So, I am the winner, that mouse that sit in the cell but exited from it.

I called to God claiming against people to revenge against them for Hitler-like “We don’t need geniuses.”, for caste system where I had no scientific degree and no voice, for hate and discrimination to me, and for being beaten and hungry, etc.

God responded to me like:

I also need to say that there is a relation between God and a kind aliens (called gods in most English Torah translations): God, among other cryptomorphisms, is the economical model of these aliens.

After a conflict about my plan of climate mitigation, I hated you so much that I decided not to save you from eternal fire and sulfur (as of serum-hydrogen and serum-acid that will be in the air as results of climate change, so you will wear “breathers” called “souls of sinners” in ancient literature about the hell).

But I got and idea of a new, done by myself blockchain for common good money, and thought that your Messiah is still in human body and I am to help him to breathe better, so I to replace your evil financial system with my new blockchain to help. That’s my next software project.

Now I have this million-pages site after my great idea how to get big profit and you got a very good luck: you just go to fire and sulfur instead of being fully destroyed, because I am going to have enough financing and publicity to start my new blockchain for social good.

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