I did NOT make a world economic crisis now

Contrary to to the prophecy that I will make a global crisis and to my expectation that I already started a big crisis, I did not make an economic crisis yet: I’ve looked at stock markets in the US and in Israel and they are not just stable, the trend is clear going up.

Having said that, I did already do a giant economic crisis (That’s a quite sure thing in my understanding.): I mispublished some important scientific research, as I explain elsewhere at this site, and so nobody noticed. Moreover, I failed a plan of a new kind of world economy and against global warming, however now I have a new plan.

Well, contrary to what I said above and contrary to what indexes say, the current economic crisis does exist: I ate a sushi with salmon yesterday and it was so much poisonous that among other effects my urine became green. So, yes, there is a big economic crisis here in Ashkelon. Please comment, does the Ashkelon food crisis extend to other parts of Israel and to the rest of the world?

Victor Porton

By Victor Porton

I am the chief editor of this journal and creator of this site.

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