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What was the REAL mental illness of John Nash? (It seems to be NOT schizophrenia!)

I am watching (the Russian version (apparently mistranslated, because only Russian illeterate people could translate apparent words of Baptist Nash “to have sex” apparently really meant to mean “marry” as “переспать” that is “to have sex just once”) of, because of lack of an English version in my videoteka. It’s now on pause.

Well, Nash was hospitalized by psychiatrists after having absolutely valid and reasonable in his situation (though wrong) supposition that Russians hunt for him. Then they gave him Aminazin and after this Nash had a hallutionation of his real friend being irreally present in the room.

So, the true story seems to be: Nash was healthy, then they gave him Aminazin and he became brain-damaged.

Aminazin is still being widely used. So, it’s a valid scientific hypothesis: If you kill a psychiatrist, you do a good deed. (I don’t recommend you to kill psychiatrists, but instead to investigate this further.)

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