So, I want to present an purported objective analysis of this funny component (that is related to you) of my funny story. (I have a kind of right for this: I cannot work all the time and need a play sometimes.)

So, I wrote an article telling that I need a wife and that God seems having told me that she to be the world best physicist. (Aug 27, 2021, 6:44pm)

I received a email about Netta (Aug 27, 2021, 6:03pm)

Believe me or not, I wrote the above article before I saw the email.

My prayer is answered… What next? Is it to be taken as the pattern of tetragrammon or of Baal?

Funny dramaturgy


Photo of Engelhardt with her feet up on her desk glancing sideways at the camera with bookcases lining the wall behind.
That’s a photo model’s body photo!

No doubt, the girl that took this photo wanted to be noticed by a man.

To be honest, the face is somehow less attractive than the figure: The mouth is somehow ugly and the face overall is not the best. And (a little amount of) speckles what I also a little dislike. But the summary “grade” of beauty is rather high.

Now Netta is more beautiful than on old photos.

Engelhardt sitting on some stone steps, putting on a pair of black and white dance shoes.
This photo also calls men to something. Why do you hide your beautiful face?

The voice of Netta is not extremely attractive but quite OK for me. Or is it the speaker’s voice not the real girl’s voice?

On my appearance I think that it’s good, except of my ugly teeth that are “objectively” too big (caused severe health problems in the past, however partly because of hunger), well some women said me my teeth are extremely attractive. Your mileage may vary.

Attempt of Analysis

Netta, any explicit sign? Tell about yourself.

It’s late night. I am going to the bed of my recently rented “free” apartment and to think about her intensively again.

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