I had a blood thrombus?

After an intense tense I felt bad for a few hours. I also felt something “spreading” inside me. Now I am starting to feel better. I think, I had a trombus (apparently, as a result of vaccination) and it was torn out. It looks like the result is good, I am recovering.


What a psychological portrait is used for?

What a psychological portrait is used for? It is used to present a personality as an empty form, without any content such as knowledge and views.

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My letter to Israel government

I’ve sent the following letter to several ministries (including Prime Minister Naftali Bennett) of Israel government: (“ternary relations” below is a typo, should be instead “ternary functions”.) Hello Israel, I am the man who works on carbon accounting, science financing, free software financing, journalism financing, and other common goods financing using cryptocurrency software, in other […]


Terract in Ashkelon, Israel

At Shapira 58, Ashkelon, Israel there is now some weird disgusting smell. It should be counted a terroristic act.

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About staying on one knee before biggots

Did ever discrimination of blacks, latinos, Jews, produced a super-stupid (genius that lost contact with social knowledge)? Spartak? He isn’t really to be called a super But discrimination of biggots has a different effect, it produced: Osam bin Laden Trump Me So, staying on one knee before biggots is much more appropriate than staying on […]

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Why I am another biological specie

I am not a homo sapiens. Russian alcoholics did this. This year I decided to surrender to the enemy because I decided that I failed the plan of my former boss, Messiah. I went to a psychiatrist and said that I am the best spy in the galaxy to be isolated from humans and fail. […]

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Humanism Philosophy is a Stupid Nonsense

The word humanism used to mean “everything is measured by a human”. Mad man, why not by mushrooms? Mushrooms accordingly latest scientific research are likely to be more clever than humans. Even a little piece of mold, much smaller than the brain of a professor, seems to be much smarter than a professor. Why don’t […]

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How the civilization was destroyed

The Bible says that it will end bad if the brothers don’t feed a fellow. But the Bible seemed to be silent, not explained what one not feed (but survived) himself should do. So, when I suffered extreme hunger and was not feed (by my prayers the wind brought me 10 rubles after I asked […]

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Question: How the devil can be both a cherub and a dragon?

Question: How the devil can be both a cherub and a dragon? These are different species (cherub seems to be a distant genetically offspring of people differing in appearance by 6 wings, sometimes coming to our time in a time machine; dragons are probably a specie of survived dinosaurs living outside our planet), so it […]

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God or evolution?

My claim is: God is eternal cosmic evolution, the evolution of eternal “light”.