In continuation of this letter:

Yet another my physics idea (BTW, I derived this idea from religious consideration, but after having derived it, I consider the following idea as quite scientific not religious):

If somebody goes through a closed time-like curve (or another kind of time machine) to the past and kills his father or mother, he would violate laws of logic.

So, I conjectured: There is a physical force (not necessarily a new one, it may be some combination of the known fourth forces) that drives away a human who intends to kill father or mother from closed time-like spacetime curves.

It arises the scientifically natural questions:

It’s easy to show that a time machine (assuming closedness of the curves of events in consideration) can make the time traveler a perfect chess player (and solver of NP-complete problems in general), if he follows simple rules (to reject moves proved wrong by knowing the future). This is also a valid scientific indication that time machines are God-like.

Moreover, I propose a kinda philosophical conjecture: Every act of God in this metagalaxy (or any universe having a time) is an act of some time machine.

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