My mother despises me very much, effectively she despises me 100%. For example, in childhood she called me gadenysh, this Russian word denotes something like sick reptilian (but more exactly translates son of a reptilian). 馃檪

My mentally impaired mother infected all her acquintances.

In the meantime, I made several big scientific discoveries (you can find more information in links at this site).

Despising of the mother infected my wallet catastrophically reducing the amount of money.

The sick wallet infected scientific indexes and search engines:

This problem was worsened by formal and informal religious leaders and activists that commanded me to make peace with my mother. This task is clearly non-accomplishable, because of the kind the mental impairment she has: the mother’s memory seems to be writable only once, so the conflict is already written into her memory and cannot be erased and overwritten. (It’s questionable when she became mentally ill, but with or without this impairment she passed K-12 school and a lingyuistic course of a university with good grades, got a (by that time standards) well-paid job and also worked as a school teacher. She however should have be diagnosed and stopped, because apparently namely this kind of mental obsession caused her to conclude and keep in memory that I am a gadenysh and become obsessed with killing me and cause all troubles of mankind that are described here. This kind of mental impairment seems to be described in finction literature: Gogol’s dead souls seems to be exactly this mental illness.)

Oh, by the way, there is an interesting analogy here: Modern science academy is impraired in a way similar to dead soul of my mother: a publication happens just once and a published article cannot be re-published again, even if the mendium of the publication was wrong. So, scientific dataabases’ indexes are impaired in way similar to the impairment of my mother’s memory.

Join protest against despising. My most effective mesure against this severe mental illness is:

If somebody offends you:

  1. Feel fear to activate brain protection at a high level, you are in process of being infected.
  2. Ask him/her to forgive you for offending you to turn on immunity.

The particular reason of despising

I remember very well when I was 13-14 years old, my mother saw my erected penis for the first time and felt in love. I immediately realized that I have a trouble and know no way to solve it. She liked to replace my troopers and do similar things that exposed my penis to her. She forced me to wear a particular kind of troopers that squeezed my penis very much to cause me pain and increase my sexual desire. When I became a Baptist, he felt a very great jealousy to Jesus because Jesus didn’t recommend to have sex with mother. So, to mitigate the obstacle in her nimphomanian love she tried to devoid me of Jesus by an attempt to erase my memory by a frying pan (I had 3-4 fryng pan hits by head during a few days or weeks). Once this nimphomaniac woman tried to rape me in the hardcore (physical) way: I had a beautiful yung girl acquintance and we wanted to marry, but my mother said that I need sex with her because I am so studpid that I will never have a girl and tried to rape me (obviously, I was not able to persuade her that she thinks and behaves wrong). But I, hungry teenager, in some wonderful way was able to escape from caressing of this thick woman.

The active attack of my mother started after I realized that almost everything she says is wrong and rejected her as a source of teaching and example. (Thanks God, it is how I became independent, namely because of her being so much bad I became the freest man on the Earth.) The manic realized she lost a slave and tried to return me to emphathy at any price.

Every time when I tried to fly from her, somebody by force returned me into the house to restore the love of the family. But a bigger problem was that fleeing away I would fly from the only source of (very scarce) food. Moreover, I often didn’t have money even for bus tickets.

I visited social care workers, but they refused to take me to a childcare by the argument that I am to old to go there.

I went to a court and they asked me for money (that I repeat I didn’t have) to pay the lawsuit expenses.

The root cause of this problem is quite clear: People consider woman as having the right of being respected no matter what and therefore the chick was respected as every chick is respected.

Also note that unlike me not respecting myself, accordingly all knowledge I have, every chick (incuding this) one respects herself, that is always considers herself right and her rights prevailing over others’ rights (especially over rights of the object of love of the chick). In every case a chick never considers me to protect my rights when I try to protect myself against her attack (they call my protection offending a woman and punish it by further attack). Legally, disallowing offending a woman is a rape of a man conducted by society because it purposefully eliminates a mean of protection by the man against the attacking chick.

This led me to the following strategy: When a women offered me sex, I strained my fist in order to beat her faster than she beats me as a punishment for my refusal, because accordingly the society morality refusing sex constitutes the world’s most severe crime, offending a woman. (Well, now offending a homo- or transsexual seems to be an even bigger crime.) This strategy is especially important if you met a celebrity (such as porn actress or a singer), because their moral rights prevail especially high.

So, I consider Putin not right in his critique of Western homo/trans/etc. rights, because Russian chicks have the same overwhelming rights as Western transsexuals.

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