Certainly I do not enumerate all crimes of Israelis, but every of these is surely morally worth death penalty. (I do not claim that this punishment should be applied. Instead, I think it should be declared death penalty and amnested, because justice would require to execute every body who voted for these bastards.)

So the crimes I want to blame them in:

This situation is similar to the 30ths years story from an alternative quantum reality about Germany: Einstein was put into a death camp, survived (because a piece of paper money was brought onto him by a wind after his prayer for money), fled, but because of hunger he didn’t receive a scientific degree and because all the world was fascist was unable to publish relativity theory in the correct way (because of not having a scientific advisor who advises how to publish), so because of being deceived by “scholars” who mocked that common man for not having a degree, he by a mis-publication blocked development of science. In that quantum world Einstein was the Torah scholar who grasped the lost main principle of interpretation of Torah known only to pupils of the Rabi Gamaliel. But who speaks with Torah scholars? But Einstein succeeded to build a high traffic gazette, what’s next?

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