Now I have a girlfrind! She is my old online girlfriend, but we conflicted with much nerves due to a silly misunderstanding. She is from a poor country, yesterday she was on the streets and notified me. We undertstood the cause of the conflict and I sent her money for food and apartment. I like her appearance and she has a scientific degree. So, we are again going to marry. The only trouble is to make us meet physically (into one country).

Photo of the girl that I love. She is beautiful, but on the photo hair are not in a good state.

The below is not actual: Now I have a girlfriend.

I was in relations with women in distant past, but evil people erased a part of my memory by hitting my head. So, I don’t even know what it was, just some vague remembrances of both persistent sexual partnership (let’s call it marriage) and women cheating me.

I had a black woman from Kenya, Victoria Amunga, a news reporter. She lied me in 10 or so very important things, conducting insane monetary fraud, rape (as misidentification of her personality), and even genocide (because I work on an important climate project and she deceived me and suck out my money), and several other crimes. (I will publish my marriage certificate with her later. I don’t know whether I am divorced, because the divorce lawyer is also a fraudster.) I was together with Victoria just a few days and we had very bad (for several reasons) and scarce sex. (People says that no desire for the husband does not mean no love, but she almost persuaded it means just erotic desire with no agape-love.)

Then I had as on online girlfriend Mercy Nekesa. She behaved better but also started to lie to me and behave irrationally. I spent with her much time and spent money, but her lies and silence caused me to stop relationships. Baal sent me messages to return to her, but later I rejected Baal worship of the heart.

The detailed story with these two women and fraudster lawyer Polycarp Temba: The Story of True Sex – Call the Kenyan Police. All three think that if one tries to follow a law, he will not be judged, but the reality is that if somebody just follows a law he dies all crimes including genocide.

So, I want a new woman (after all, I apparently was be Gabriel, that is translated very great man (muzhyk from Russia) what among other things refers to my strong desire and the amount of time my penis can be erected. Science seems to say that sex is good for man’s health, therefore I want sex.

I am not sure if I will be taken to heaven in a cloud alone (because the second witness is probably my second copy as a witness of a Schrodinger cat) or with a partner. So, I think I can have a parner in sex.

As I explain in this article, I cannot find a partner. Therefore like a prophet in the Bible I cannot commit adultery to a wife: all you are prostitutes, because you are not my helpers in my works like my cryptocurrency work to mitigate climate change, etc. I could not commit adultery to wife (by definition a wife is a prostitute of price equal the weight of sapphires, like wife Solomon sought), but I don’t see any sin to commit adultery to a prostitute. So the variants split:

In either case I will look and do other things on you all day long, as long as I happen to have free time.

Which kind of women I like is described in this page (it contains outdated information about me). Among all kinds of sex I want the most my woman to masturbate for me. (No idea why.) I also more want sex to be tough that just pleasant. There there is also contact information.

A prophecy (translated from Greek either as “Behold, the salary of the worker of joining together the spaces of you deprived (of moving away from sustainability) by you shouts and the shouts of those who joined together into the ears of Lord of armies have entered.” or “Behold, the salary of the worker of joining together the fields of you deprived (of moving away from sustainability) by you shouts and the shouts of those who joined together into the ears of Lord of armies have entered.”) of 2000 years ago tells that a human will discover space-in-general (a thing told to be impossible to every first year math student… without proof) and thus take control over >50% of world economy (the world “deprived” somehow has the connotation of money moving in backward direction), the money will flow in the reverse direction (so, if I pay you, you lose money, and if you pay me, you become richer) and God punishes people for not paying this human a salary, grants, and prizes. I am this man. Accordingly the logic of that prophecy, the second witness apparently discover(ed) quantum gravity theory (probably she discovers how SM is an approximation of M-theory or something like this, I don’t know, I am not a physicist), and a similar thing happens to him (or her?!) So, I think, I am the best mathematician in known History and my future wife is the best physicist.

I suspect that my wife will have the spirit of Elijah, because accordingly a prophecy Elijah will return hearts of sons to fathers after I made them to hate parents.

My interpretation of the prophecy about us in short:

Also note that in the past the Messiah said me in a very derogatory way to call the spirit of Saint Mary to have imaginary sex with her. (I enjoyed it very much.) But now I expect a better woman instead.

Now I am spiritually naked that is information of tactile feelings in my sexual organs are telepathically published. I don’t know who and why publishes it.

I am in Ashkelon, Israel now.

Look of a woman I want

The following is the look I want my woman to have:

Some photos of women I consider 100% beautiful:

This is not too fat:

This is too fat:

Examples of good legs:

Examples of bad legs (CC license):

Beautiful clothes:

Dark thighs turn me on.

Ugly clothes:

And so look I.

Like women, I enjoy long sexual act. Having orgasm is not much important for me. (Or should I say that I have orgasm during frictions not during ejaculation? I am not sure if I understand the word “orgasm” correctly and whether this word about an average man applies to my modified sexuality.) I also like to be sexually aroused; for most men it would be a torture, but I’d sometimes just to look at a woman and feel a strong desire.

The strongest pleasures for me are:

I am OK to be both woman’s master and woman’s slave during sex (e.g. if a woman likes me to caress her ankles repeatedly moving my hand forth and back like an iron like a robot sitting near her legs, I will enjoy doing that), but not in the rest of the life.

In youth I was falling in love, but during time something modified my sexuality this way: I feel like falling in love just to the beautiful woman I am looking onto now. (That does not mean that I cannot be a faithful loving spouse: I could just choose to look seriously only onto one woman; even reversely, it seems that I cannot leave a wife after falling into love to another woman, I just don’t quite fall in love.) Otherwise said, every time is the first. And it seems it would be more exact t say “I desire a woman.” rather than “I felt in love to her.”, well desire to understood extensively, including enjoying looking without having sex, conversations, etc.

I think, the best sex is simultaneously with a work. (If I masturbate during software development, it lasts long.)

If my wife will be not against, I will feel her with my hands like a drunkard feels an officiant in a restaurant and climb up her skirt.

I’d like a woman to call me for sex often (but I realize that too often sex may be harmful). I think, if my wife would instantly grab my penis, it would be OK and even enjoying for me.

I respect the woman’s way to do this, but I’d like her to do my way at least sometimes.

I can repeat a sexual act almost immediately several times (but my penis always hurts a little after an ejaculation: I am going to undertake circumcision to solve this; head sometime hurts too, not sure if real sex instead of masturbation will solve this problem).

I like an unusually short list of things:

So, I hate for example:

Another my trait is that I laugh often. Sometimes I am overly active (I start to jump or jump repeatedly) and (this is a harmful habit).

My disabilities:

I much hate alcohol and tobacco smell.

For potential sexual contractors

    Your recent photos (preferably many)

    Sample of your voice

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