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I am naked

I found water hot (very much, I even shouted of pain when touched it) despite it’s late night here (isn’t the water heater turn-off fake for me to pay for more electricity?) So, I am going to bash now. As I explain in the video description of my CCTV (an important safety measure), I don’t […]

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Question: What Would You Do If God Told You “Do what you want”?

God told me: “Do what you want.” (TBD: Explain how God delivered me this message. It happened after people essentially stole ~$50 trillion from me – my formulas – well, for me they cost exceedingly more than $50 trillion – and God started to speak with me about the revenge.) After this I did such […]

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Are time machines our God?

In continuation of this letter: Yet another my physics idea (BTW, I derived this idea from religious consideration, but after having derived it, I consider the following idea as quite scientific not religious): If somebody goes through a closed time-like curve (or another kind of time machine) to the past and kills his father or […]

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Alternative theory for Hawking radiation

In continuation of this letter: BTW, I have an alternative theory attempting to explain information paradox without Hawking radiation (I think my theory can be easily modified to add Hawking radiation, however.) It is a precisely formulated math, but I didn’t (yet) check that my model is non-contradictory and whether it really as I suppose […]

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Letter to the physicist Netta Engelhardt

Hello Netta Engelhardt, I am the world-best general topology researcher, also I have some research related to logic and computer science. If you don’t believe into religion/prophecies skip the next paragraph and please read directly the purely scientific information below. I have an important information (Do you believe in prophecies and time travel? I claim […]

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Letter to Victoria Amunga

I have reconciled with Mercy Nekesa. Fake Wife The marriage certificate with Victoria Amunga [This is my letter to Victoria Amunga, who became a Voice of America journalist in order to speak so loudly that she would not hear my voice. Mad woman Victoria Amunga didn’t believe in the obvious truth that God will revenge […]

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War of Idiots for Science

Evangelicals behaving in such a way that others discriminate them Atheistic liberals, etc. killing millions of Evangelicals by hunger in process of their fight for non-discrimination by silencing our voices as the reaction of us wanting to speak especially Victor Porton, the best mathematician ever, by his attempt to disinform the society that he is […]

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Gever Elf (Gabriel)

Elf Founder, 41 years old free infusoria… gever elf – Ashkelon, Israel

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Sectarian mathematician as an existential threat to Russia

[This scholarly article was rejected by one and simply unanswered by two Russian fascist journals. I publish here.] Victor L. Porton, Ashkelon, Israel, a freelancer without a degree, porton@narod.ruAnnotation. The author examines the situation of a fundamental scientific discovery made by an “unrecognized sectarian [in Russia this word is used to denote a religious cult]” and the possibility of rejection of his formulas […]

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I am Boasting

The spiritual teacher boasts.